Ice Shack Enclosed

  • 6' Wide x 14' Long plus a 24" V-Nose
  • Rear Ramp Door
  • Fits 2 ATV's or Snowmobiles
  • V-Nose adds additional storage space
  • 6 Recessed D-Rings
  • 2- 30"x 15" Windows (View)
  • Rear Stabilizer Jacks (View Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3)
  • RV Latch (View) *allows you to close the door and still get out from the inside
  • Bar Lock on Side Door
  • All Aluminum or Steel Frame Available
  • Any Size Trailer can be made into an Ice Shack

Why an Ice Shack  Trailer instead of a Drop Axle Trailer?

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  • Catch Cover Sleeves & Covers- allow you access to get right to the hole on the ice. 
  • Cabinet
  • Lighting
  • Electrical Packages
  • Heater
  • ​Many More Options

 Steel or Aluminum Enclosed Trailer

We usually stock "the perfect Ice Shack trailer" however any of our enclosed trailers

can be made into an Ice Shack.

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Pete's Trailer Sales Inc

  • With a regular trailer set up as an Ice Shack you can use it for other purposes year round
  • With a Standard Style Axle you have a heavier duty setup that can be pulled comfortably & without concern. As opposed to a Drop Axle Trailer where each tire has it's own suspension making the trailer very wobbly and unstable feeling.