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Exterior & Aluminum Options


Exterior Aluminum & ATP-

    *.030 Thickness is Standard Exterior Skin

  • .040 Thickness Upgrade *Limited Colors Only
  • .050 Thickness Upgrade *White or Black
  • Screwed Exterior Seams Only
  • Cast Aluminum Trim Package includes Bright Corners & Insert w/ Cast Corner *Bullnose
  • 12" ATP along sides w/ bottom trim (View)
  • 24" ATP along sides w/ bottom trim
  • ATP on Tongue
  • ATP on Top of Rear Ramp Door *6' Wide
  • ATP Generator Box on Tongue

Exterior Bright Anodized Aluminum-

  • 6" Bright Anodized Aluminum along Bottom
  • 12" Bright Anodized Aluminum along Bottom (View Picture 1, Picture 2)
  • 24" Bright Anodized Aluminum along Bottom
  • Anodized Aluminum on Exterior of Ramp Door
  • Anodized Aluminum Bright Rear Hoop
  • Anodized Aluminum Bright Front Nose
  • Anodized Aluminum Bright Front Corners

Standard Exterior Colors-

    *No Additional Charge

​ Upgraded Exterior Colors-

     *Additional Charge

  • Metallic Bronze (View)
  • Arctic Cat Green (View)
  • Two Tone Color Option w/ 4" Bright Anodized Divider Strip (View)