Batteries & Chargers-

  • 12V Battery w/ Box & Wiring
  • 12V Battery Charger

Additional LED Lights-

  • LED 6" Back Up Lights (View)
  • LED Midship Turn Signals
  • 2nd Set of LED Taillights *Specify Location (View)
  • Additional LED Marker Lights

12 Volt Options


Interior Lights-

  • 12V Wall Switch
  • 12V LED Dome Light
  • 12V 55 Watt- Interior/Exterior Quartz Light w/ Switch
  • 12V Smoke & CO Detector
  • 12V LED 40" Light in Cove Molding

Exterior Visibility-

  • DOT Approved Reflective Tape
  • 12V Porch Light- Exterior
  • 12V Loading Light *Specify Location (View)
  • 12V LED Porch Light
  • 12V LED Rear Loading Light
  • 12V LED K90 HD Scene Light
  • 12V LED K70 HD Scene Light w/ Chrome Ring


We understand that all of these options can sometimes be overwhelming.  

If you need some guidance please call or email us.

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