• 2- 10K Drop Leg Jacks
  • Brakes on Both Axles
  • 7K Axles feature Easy-Lube Hubs
  • 8K, 10K 12K, & 16K Axles are Oil Bath Axles
  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • 235/80R16 10 Ply Radial Tires- 3520# rated/ea (View)
  • Side Step on Both Sides (View)
  • Rubrail & Stake Pockets (View)
  • Electric Breakaway w/ Charger
  • Tongue is 12"x14 lb/ft on Tandem Single and 12"x19 lb/ft on Tandem Dually
  • 3" Forged Channel Crossmembers placed 16" O.C.
  • 2" Treated Southern Yellow Pine Decking
  • Flush Mount LED Lights (View)
  • Sealed Wire Harness
  • Powdercoated


  • 102" Wide x 20'- 44' Long

*Other lengths may be available upon request.


  • 2 5/16" Adjustable Bumper Pull Ball Coupler- 25,000# (View)
  • 3" Pintle Eye Coupler- 36,000# (View)
  • 2 5/16" Round or Square Gooseneck- 25,000#-30,000#


  • Tandem or Tri-Axle w/ Single Wheel
    • ​7,000# Axles (12"x2" Brakes)
    • 8,000# Axles (12"x3.25" Brakes)
  • Tandem or Tri-Axle w/ Dual Wheels
    • ​10,000# Axles (12.25"x3.5" Brakes)
    • 12,000# Axles (12.25"x5" Brakes)
    • 16,000# Axles

*Disc Brakes available on all sizes

* Promaxx Air Ride Suspension is also available. (Click Here for more information & a video)


  • Classic Flatdeck-36" Deck Height w/ Singles, 38" Deck Height w/ Duals
  • Low-Pro Flatdeck- 33" Deck Height

*View the Difference: Picture 1,Picture 2


​​*Anything other than Black is Additional Charge

  • Black Powdercoat (View)
  • Grey Powdercoat (View)
  • Red Powdercoat (View)
  • White Powdercoat (View)
  • ​Desert Tan Powdercoat (View)
  • Tractor Orange Powdercoat (View) 

*Primer Coat under the Powdercoat can be added to any color.


  • ​Straight Deck w/ 8ft Slide In Ramps (View Picture 1Picture 2)
  • 5' Dovetail w/ 5ft Slide In Ramps
  • 5' Dovetail w/ 2 Flip Over Ramps, HD Gussets
  • 5' Dovetail w/ 2 Flip Over Ramps (View)
  • 5' Dovetail w/ 3 Flip Over Ramps, HD Gussets
  • 5' Dovetail w/ 3 Flip Over Ramps (View)
  • 5' Dovetail w/ 4 Flip Over Ramps
  • 5' Adjustable Dovetail w/ Stand Up Ramps
  • 5' Dovetail w/ Monster Ramps (View Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3)
  • 5' Dovetail w/ Powertail (View Picture 1Picture 2, Picture 3)
  • 10' Hydraulic Dovetail (View Picture 1, Picture 2Picture 3) 

*For more information on the Hydraulic Tail Options, check out our Hydraulic Tail Page

Most of our trailers can be ordered as a Pintlehook. If you would like a different style, click the link to see that configuration:   








The usual configuration that we sell for a Pintle is a Flatdeck & is shown.

**See Other Configurations at Bottom of Page.

Other Configurations


Pete's Trailer Sales Inc



  • 12" I-Beam Frame & Neck w/ significant gusseting to support the frame to riser transition.
  • ​There are additional 10" I-Beams running as cross supports between the two main beams about every 5.5'-6'.  Some of the competition's trailers are built with smaller or lighter weight I-Beams or Channel Iron, which is not as strong.
  • The bed frame is made up of 2"x6" tubing and a 4"x8" rear tube bumper. All the wiring is enclosed in the tubes to keep it from getting damaged by use.
  • The rear flip over ramps have a special support arm that curls under the bumper to keep the trailer from lifting the rear of the truck while loading & are also spring assisted for ease of folding up.
  • The 10K axles have 3 1/2" Drum Brakes, or the 12K axles have 5" Drum Brakes.
  • Electric instead of Hydraulic Disc Brakes are available upon request.

Other Options-

  • Rough Oak Deck (View)
  • BLACKWOOD Rubber Infused Lumber 
  • Electric / Hydraulic Disc Brakes -on board pump unit (View)
  • Aluminum Rims for 8 Bolt, 7K Axles (View)
  • 12" O.C. Crossmembers
  • Sliding Strap Ratchets (View)
  • 2 Speed Jacks (View)
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Torque Tube (View)
  • Weld On Strap Ratchets (View)
  • 14 Ply Tire Upgrade (View)
  • Cold Weather Harness (View)
  • Removable Stake Pocket D-Rings (View Picture 1,Picture 2)
  • Side Mount  Toolbox (View Picture 1,Picture 2)
  • Side Mount Wood Rack (View Picture 1,Picture 2, Picture 3)
  • 1/4" Diamond Plate Steel Floor
  • 12,000# Winch (View)
  • 8,500# Super Winch (View)
  • Winch Plate (View)
  • Welded On D-Rings (View)
  • LED Reverse Lights (View)
  • Ramp Support Arms to stand ramps up (View Picture 1, Picture 2,Picture 3)
  • Hutch Suspension *Tandem Duals Only
  • 6" Spread on Tandem Duallies- longer equalizer
  • Under Frame Bridging
  • ​72" Axle Spread *Tandem Duals only (View)