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Flatdeck GN w/ Hydraulic Power Tail

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PJ Flatdeck Hydraulic Tails

*PJ Hydraulic Dovetail has the same standard features and options as the normal Flatdeck Gooseneck

  • 10' Hydraulic Tail (View Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3)
  • Uses 2 Short Stroke Cylinders to provide lifting capability (View Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3)
  • Cylinders come with a swing away "fork style" lock for use when hauling (View)
  • 10,000# Lifting Capacity- from center of dovetail forward
  • 4,000# Hauling Capacity- from center of dovetail forward

We do keep a few variations of this trailer in stock.  Call Today!

Flatdeck GN w/ 10' Hydraulic Dovetail

  • 2 5/16" Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler-25,000# 
  • 2- 10K Drop Leg Jacks
  • Brakes on Both Axles
  • 7K Axles feature Easy-Lube Hubs
  • 8K, 10K 12K, & 16K Axles are Oil Bath Axles
  • Leaf Spring Suspension
  • 235/80R16 10 Ply Radial Tires- 3520# rated/ea (View)
  • Side Step on Both Sides (View)
  • Spare Tire Mount (View)
  • Rubrail & Stake Pockets (View)
  • Electric Breakaway w/ Charger
  • Main Frame & Neck I-Beam is 12"x14 lb/ft on Tandem Single and 12"x19 lb/ft on Tandem Dually
  • 3" Forged Channel Crossmembers placed 16" O.C.
  • 2" Treated Southern Yellow Pine Decking
  • Flush Mount LED Lights (View)
  • Sealed Wire Harness
  • Powdercoated



  • 12" I-Beam Frame & Neck w/ significant gusseting to support the frame to riser transition.
  • ​There are additional 10" I-Beams running as cross supports between the two main beams about every 5.5'-6'.  Some of the competition's trailers are built with smaller or lighter weight I-Beams or Channel Iron, which is not as strong.
  • The bed frame is made up of 2"x6" tubing and a 4"x8" rear tube bumper. All the wiring is enclosed in the tubes to keep it from getting damaged by use.
  • The 10K axles have 3 1/2" Drum Brakes, or the 12K axles have 5" Drum Brakes.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes are available upon request.

 PJ offers a few trailers with hydraulically controlled dovetails.  Why break your back lifting ramps when you can simply push a button?  All goosenecks purchased at Pete's Trailer Sales come with a spare tire and front toolbox at no extra charge.  Below are standard features, as well as some optional features.  There are more features than we can list, so to completely customize your trailer, call us or stop by today.


Other Options-

  • Rough Oak Deck (View)
  • BLACKWOOD Rubber Infused Lumber 
  • Electric / Hydraulic Disc Brakes -on board pump unit (View)
  • Aluminum Rims for 8 Bolt, 7K Axles (View)
  • 12" O.C. Crossmembers
  • Sliding Strap Ratchets (View)
  • Deck on the Neck (View Picture 1, Picture 2)
  • 2 Speed Jacks (View)
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Torque Tube (View)
  • Weld On Strap Ratchets (View)
  • 14 Ply Tire Upgrade (View)
  • Cold Weather Harness (View)
  • Removable Stake Pocket D-Rings (View Picture 1, Picture 2)
  • Side Mount Toolbox (View Picture 1, Picture 2)
  • Riser Toolbox (View Picture 1, Picture 2)
  • Side Mount Wood Rack (View Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3)
  • 1/4" Diamond Plate Steel Floor
  • 12,000# Winch (View)
  • 6" Taller Gooseneck Riser
  • 8,500# Super Winch (View)
  • Winch Plate (View)
  • Welded On D-Rings (View)
  • LED Reverse Lights (View)
  • Hutch Suspension *Tandem Duals Only
  • 6" Spread on Tandem Duallies- longer equalizer
  • Under Frame Bridging
  • ​72" Axle Spread *Tandem Duals Only (View)


  • 102" Wide x 20'- 44' Long

*Other lengths may be available upon request.


  • 2 5/16" Adjustable Bumper Pull Ball Coupler- 25,000# (View)
  • 3" Pintle Eye Coupler- 36,000# (View)
  • 2 5/16" Round or Square Gooseneck- 25,000#-30,000#


  • Tandem or Tri-Axle w/ Single Wheel
    • ​7,000# Axles (12"x2" Brakes)
    • 8,000# Axles (12"x3.25" Brakes)
  • Tandem or Tri-Axle w/ Dual Wheels
    • ​10,000# Axles (12.25"x3.5" Brakes)
    • 12,000# Axles (12.25"x5" Brakes)
    • 16,000# Axles

*Disc Brakes available on all sizes

* Promaxx Air Ride Suspension is also available. Click Here to visit our Ridewell Promaxx Air Ride Page.


  • Classic Flatdeck-36" Deck Height w/ Singles, 38" Deck Height w/ Duals
  • Low-Pro Flatdeck- 33" Deck Height

*View the Difference: Picture 1, Picture 2


​​*Anything other than Black is Additional Charge

  • Black Powdercoat (View)
  • Grey Powdercoat (View)
  • Red Powdercoat (View)
  • White Powdercoat (View)
  • ​Desert Tan Powdercoat (View)
  • Tractor Orange Powdercoat (View) 

*Primer Coat under the Powdercoat can be added to any color.