Pete's Trailer Sales Inc

We understand that all of these options can sometimes be overwhelming.  

If you need some guidance please call or email us.


  • Cover Overhead Spring Assist w/ White Aluminum  *between drums only
  • Deluxe Overhead Spring Cover for Spring Assist w/ White Aluminum 
  • White Vinyl Ceiling  *screwed
  • White Aluminum Ceiling  *screwed
  • Luan Wood Underlayment- 48" Wide  *between roof bow & roof skin


  • 3/8" Wood w/ White Vinyl Walls Screwed *instead of 3/8" Wood
  • Deluxe Interior: Screwed White Vinyl Walls & Ceiling  *snow/atv
  • White Vinyl Walls  *screwed
  • Skin Walls w/ 3/8" Wood  *screwed
  • Skin Walls w/ 3/4" Wood  *screwed
  • 24" Tall 3/4" Engineered Wooe Kick Plate
  • White Aluminum Walls  *must have wood walls

Interiors, Floors, & Walls

Floor Covering-​

  • Standard 3/4" Engineered Wood
  • Black or Grey Rubber Dot Flooring
  • Black Marble or Checkerboard Vinyl Floor Covering
  • Black Marble or Checkerboard Vinyl Ramp Covering
  • Black Super Stratum Flooring
  • Black Super Stratum on Ramp
  • Extruded Aluminum Flooring
  • Extruded Aluminum on Rear Ramp Door Floor & Plate Flap

​Interior ATP-

  • 24" ATP Kick Plate Over Wood
  • ATP Covered Wood Flap w/ Hinge on Rear Ramp Door


  • Insulate Ceiling​
  • Insulate Walls