• Brakes are available on ALL sizes of trailers and are included on the 7' wide single axle models.  Also, ALL of the tandem axle trailers come with brakes on both axles, unlike other brands that come with brakes on only one axle.  More stopping power is always a good thing.

LED Lights-

  • We can all agree that the road can be a dangerous place.  One way to ensure your safety on the roadway is to be visible.  LED Lights are far brighter and easier to see both during the day and night, making your trailer more visible.  Legend takes this to the next level by using LED Lights not only for tail & turn signals, but for all the marker lights on the exterior of the trailer.  The final benefit is that they last much longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Tubing Wall Studs & Roof Bows-

  • When it comes to the wall structure of a trailer there are only a few options to choose from.  Many companies use what is called "Hat Channel" or "Z Post". Either one of these are stamped out of a single sheet of steel into the desired shape.  Both of them are very flimsy and flex easily.  Legend uses either 1"x 1", 1"x

              1 1/4" tubing or larger for their wall and roof studs.  The benefit                to this is a stronger more rigid frame work that will last longer.                  A side benefit is that if you want to mount something on the                        inside of the trailer you have a more secure material to anchor to.

              *See the Difference (View Picture 1, Picture 2)

3/8" Drymax (Rainblock) Walls-

  • Sheets of 3/16" Luan is what skins most trailer interiors, and is a very thin material that breaks easily.  Material that is 3/8" thick is much stronger and provides more strength to the trailer and greater rigidity.  The Drymax material used by Legend is a processed material that is stronger than plywood and is very water resistant.  Pete's Trailer Sales has done an independent test to verify the water resistant quality of this material.  What it means to the consumer is a stronger wall that will last longer.

One Piece Roof-

  • A lot of other brands use 4'x 8' sheets of aluminum for their roof material.  They then seam the sheets together to make up the length of the roof, so every 4' in the roof there is a seam.  This is a prime place for a leak to start.  Legend uses a solid piece of aluminum, no seams, no leaks.  (View)

Increased Rigidity-

  • As you have read, a lot of things Legend does increases the rigidity of the trailer.  From the frame to the wall studs to the interior 3/8" plywood the purpose is to decrease the amount of flex that the trailer endures going down he road.  The less flex, the longer the trailer will last.  Legend takes pride in making a long lasting trailer with prices that are affordable.

 Tubing for the Main Frame-

  • Many other companies use channel or angle iron, which are not as strong.  A tube gives longer life, more strength, and added rigidity to your trailer.

Radial Tires-

  • Radial Tires are standard on ALL Legend models.  A large amount of other companies use Bias Ply tires which do not wear as evenly and are more prone to blowouts. Legend starts with the better choice of Radial Tires.

Spray Coated Undercarriage (Steel Trailers)-

  • Instead of using just a low quality paint, or worse yet nothing at all, Legend protects the steel undercarriage of the trailer with a PPG Paint to help postpone rust and increase the life of the trailer.

All Aluminum Frame (Aluminum Trailers)-

  • An aluminum frame is lighter and is not going to rust.  Aluminum will still corrode over time however, this is a much slower process and less aggressive than what can happen to a steel framed trailer.

3/4" Drymax (Rainblock) Flooring-

  • Many companies will use plywood or treated plywood for the flooring in their trailers.  The problem is that it doesn't take much moisture to start delaminating and lose strength.  The Drymax floor material used by Legend is a processed material that is stronger than plywood and is very water resistant.  Pete's Trailer Sales has done an independent test to verify the water resistant quality of this material.  What it means to the consumer is a stronger floor that will last longer.

16" O.C. Floor, Wall, & Roof Supports-

  • This may vary from trailer to trailer depending on exactly what you order.  The benefit of having 16" O.C. supports is to make the trailer more rigid, and to better support the interior and exterior material that make up each structure.  The closer the floor crossmembers are the the material, the easier a heavy load will be on the flooring material.

Screwless Aluminum Exterior-

  • This may also vary from trailer to trailer depending on what you order.  A Lot of companies use rows of screws on each wall stud to hold the exterior aluminum skin onto the trailer.  This can create a few problems.  The first problem is that is is not as nice looking.  Second, more labor is involved for the trailers that will be stickered and lettered up with business logos.  Third, the screws themselves can weep causing streaks to run down the side of the trailer, again making it look unappealing.  The adhesive method that Legend uses is still just as strong without these setbacks, and it looks better too.  Additionally Legend uses less or no screws on the trim pieces, allowing the panel to float more, making the trailer look less ripply in the sun.

Legend Features & Facts

Why are Legend Trailers good quality?

With so many enclosed trailer brands for sale you really should ask, what makes a Legend Trailer better than some of the others available on the market today?

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