LP Tanks-

  • Twin 30# LP Tanks w/ Rack, Regulator, & Hose (View Picture 1, Picture 2)
  • Twin 40# LP Tanks w/ Rack, Regulator, & Hose

Sink Packages-

  • One, Two, or Three

​    *Call for Details


Bathroom Packages-

  • 3 Layouts Available

​    *Call for Details

We understand that all of these options can sometimes be overwhelming.  

If you need some guidance please call or email us.

Concession Windows-​

*Window w/ Screened Slider Window, Vending Door Gas Struts, & Slide Window.

*There are multiple Configurations: Marquis Style, Corner Pies, None.


Concession Doors can be ordered as the swing up type awning door with gas struts, Key Latches, and Safety Supports, or as a Combination Door/Window Assembly.  All windows are built with tempered glass and pop out for screen panel replacements.  There are hundreds of variations that can be built, so it is best to compile a wish list of what you want so that we can discuss it with the factory.        

Concession Options



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