'Ice Shack' Enclosed Trailers


Pete's Trailer Sales does stock an 'Ice Shack' Built Trailer, however ANY of our trailers can be made into an Ice Shack. This page will show you what we stock, why, and what options are really nice to have in your new Ice Shack Trailer.

***6X14 Super-Lite Shown with Optional Windows and other Standard Features***

(ENLARGE) **Optional Window & Pete's Rims         (ENLARGE)  

Our standard build for an Ice Shack Trailer that we stock is a 6 X 14 plus a 24" V-Nose.  This size is great to run two ATV's or a Snowmobile in.  Also the V-Nose gives you better storage and is a perfect place to put the heater when you are out on those cold days.  We also stock it with 6 Recessed D-Rings in the floor to tie the machines down.  Also two 30 X 15 Windows (View) come installed right across from each other so it is to check your tip ups at a glance.  We also include a set of Rear Stabilizer Jacks (View Picture 1, Picture 2)  to make sure you have a stable platform when you are walking around in the shack.  Finally, we have an RV Latch (View) installed in the side door to allow you to close the door and still get out from the inside. In addition to that, we leave the bar lock in place to provide added security when the shack is left unattended.  We do stock these in both ALL ALUMINUM Frame and Steel Frame Trailer.  Don't forget we can make ANY SIZE great for an Ice Shack.          


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Click Here and take a look at our Features and FAQ page for a breakdown on what is used by Stealth in their construction and why it is better than other brands.

There are a few options that are a must and a great convenience for your Ice Shack.  These are pictured above.  The Catch Cover Lids are great.  They allow you access to drop your Ice Sleeve in and get you right onto the hole in the ice, yet when they are covered there is a great amount of strength to them.  A Cabinet is also a nice touch.  This allows you to store things in the trailer out of sight from someone looking in the windows.  Also, with a cabinet you could hang your gloves over the heater to let them dry off.

Good question.  I think we can all agree that money
doesn't grow on trees, so it is best to spend it wisely.  With a 'normal' trailer set up as an Ice Shack you can use that trailer for other purposes year round.  Also with a 'Drop Axle' trailer each tire has it's own suspension, this makes the trailer feel very wobbly behind your vehicle and can make it be very unenjoyable to pull down the road, especially on a longer trip.  With a 'standard' style axle you will have a heavier duty setup that can be pulled comfortably and often without concern.

We here at Pete's, not only sell Ice Shacks, but are ice fisherman ourselves and would be happy to help you set up a shack to fit your needs.  Please give us a call at 715-234-1993 so we can get you what
you're looking for.
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